The Hole of Horcum

The Hole of Horcum
The Hole of Horcum and Levisham Moor, taken from the Whitby to Pickering road

Saturday 14 October 2017

Inuksuk to guide us across Canada.

PPiles of stones roughly resembling the human form are found all over Canada, originanating in the far north by the First Nation people to help in finding your way. They have become something of a national simbol on roads and in parks.     Having left Quebec City we are now traveling across Canada by train. Some photos of places and 'things' we have seen on our travels.          
Dows Lake in Ottawa, one of our favorite places.
The colours not so so good this year in Ottawa.
Looking down on the entrance to the First Nation exhibits at the Canadian Museum of History. This exhibit is from the West Coast First Nations.
Wonderful picture of a m├ętis and his wives in the History Museum.
Last view of Ottawa from the train heading for Toronto.
Taken from the train a Lake somewhere in Northern Ontario.
Another scene from the train around the Ontario-Manitobe border.
This wonderful scene is a diorama of a First Nation Buffalo hunt in The Manatoba Museum in Winnipeg.   I think this is one of the best museums in Canada, our second visit, a must if you are in Winnipeg.
Another diorama - northern hunting scene.
They love these diorama's in Canada - an Elk on the prairie.
A Red River cart - Canada's contribution to transport history.
We continue our journey across Canada tomorrow heading west across the Prairies.

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